Oct 242019

Ray Hennessy made probably the best presentation we have ever seen at RPS. His work on bird photography is absolutely outstanding and he showed us how he does it. He treks for hours to find the right spots, waits for more hours for that perfect moment and returns to productive sites over and over and

Sep 282019

Thank you to all our exhibitors and helpers at the installation of our new exhibit at the Venetian today, Saturday, September 28, 2019. Elsie Pabon suggested “Places of Worship” as the theme and we sure came up with a variety of images from places all over the world. Thanks to Jeff Poltizer, Susan Powell, Bill

Sep 272019

Members joined in a lively discussion as we critiqued photos (no judging) with regards to the four basic Photoshop tools we learned about in the last tutorial meeting.  Cropping was a major topic as judges often say to crop more whereas many members liked the mood set by larger images.  The key is to try

Sep 142019

As the second half of our opening meeting, Paul Eggermann presented a tutorial on four basic tools everyone should know how to use in Photoshop.  Paul starts with Image Adjustment which changes attributes like exposure and shadows.  Next comes Cropping to remove distracting elements and fit the image to the mat size for prints.  Step