Jun 072019

Congratulations to Catherine Schenck for advancing from Advanced to Salon in Color & B&W and to Nancy Dieker for advancing from Beginner to Advanced in both Color and B&W.  

May 232019

Our last competition of the season had a theme of Musical Instruments and was judged by Jim LaSala.  Jim looked for the impact an image had when first displayed.  He was looking for something unique, perhaps shot from a different angle or with a different lens, anything that made the image stand out from what

May 102019

Following the Macro Tutorial, we had a Macro Critique evening.  Three RPS members provided commentary on the submitted images, there is no scoring, and other members are free to enter the discussion.  Remember that the general rules of composition still apply such as leading lines and rule of thirds.  Remove any distracting elements in the

Apr 272019

RPS member Jeff Pollitzer gave a tutorial on macro photography, defined as 1:1 full frame image.  Think of a penny filling the frame as a guide.  There are specific, often expensive, lens for macros.  However a kit lens with extension tubes can also be used, particularly for those who just want to start exploring the