Jun 162016
Best of the Best Award

Congratulations to Susan Fielder for having her B&W Print – “All Fogged In” selected as the Best of the Best for the season 2015-2016. The judge reflected upon the various moods and feelings of the people silhouetted against the window at a fogged in airport and felt it perfectly captured the moment.

Jun 162016

Congratulations to Barbara and Paul Eggermann for receiving the Fred Steiger Award at the Annual Banquet on June 9th. President Rich Doerr thanked them for their tireless work and dedication to RPS and acknowledged the many areas where you will find their efforts. Barbara produces all of our printed materials such as the program at

Apr 262016

We all knew this moment was coming. Peter van der Does and has wife are leaving New Jersey over the April 30th weekend. Peter has been a hard working President of RPS and has given a huge amount of his time and talent to redesigning our website and our judging software as well as running