Mar 022020

Our digital open competition was judged by Imma Barrera.  Imma liked images that showcased unusual compositions and interesting perspectives on familiar locations.  Photos that had an air of mystery or timelessness that made the viewer want to know more also drew her attention.  There were positive comments on texture and emotion but she thought some images were cropped

Feb 142020

Members exchanged images at the last meeting and tonight they brought back their edited versions.  It was fun to see someone else’s vision for your picture, sometimes similar to what you would have done, sometimes very different.  There was a lot of lively discussion and the consensus was we should do this once a year but

Jan 262020

Critique nights are very informal with club members leading a discussion of submitted images.  Everyone can join in the conversation and there is no judging or scoring.  Here’s some advice from this evening.  If you think you have cropped enough, try cropping more.  If the image has many many issues that need work, maybe you

Jan 162020

RPS member Jeff Pollitzer gave a tutorial on Sports & Nature Photography.  While not an obvious combination, they both use similar camera equipment especially if you consider active nature such as bird photography.  Light and speed play an important role as the subjects are often moving and are taken from a distance .  Understand the