Welcome to the Raritan Photographic Society. Founded in 1929, we are New Jersey’s oldest photo club. As a member of the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs, we can enter state –wide competitions and the NJFCC’s Photorama, held in April.

Our season of lectures and digital and print competitions gives photographers of every skill level the opportunity to improve their technical and creative skills while socializing with other photographers.
Outings and workshops are planned based upon members suggestions and willingness to organize them, or, if you chose, you can suggest an activity through our Meet-Up page.

We have two social gatherings, a Holiday Dinner in December, and the End of Year Banquet in June. The June Banquet features our “Best of the Best” competition where the judge chooses the best of the year out of all the award winners from the closing season. The Best of the Best image becomes the cover image for our program for the following year.

We invite you to stop in for a meeting and speak with current members. If you like cameras, photography and camaraderie, Raritan Photographic Society may be the place for you. Check the schedule of events to see when and where we meet.

Jamie Shombert - President

Digital Open Competition (Feb 27 2020)

Our digital open competition was judged by Imma Barrera.  Imma liked images that showcased unusual compositions and interesting perspectives on familiar locations.  Photos that had an air of mystery or timelessness that made the viewer want to know more also drew her attention.  There were positive comments on texture and emotion but she thought some images were cropped

Swap & Edit (Feb 13 2020)

Members exchanged images at the last meeting and tonight they brought back their edited versions.  It was fun to see someone else’s vision for your picture, sometimes similar to what you would have done, sometimes very different.  There was a lot of lively discussion and the consensus was we should do this once a year but

Critique Night (Jan 23 2020)

Critique nights are very informal with club members leading a discussion of submitted images.  Everyone can join in the conversation and there is no judging or scoring.  Here’s some advice from this evening.  If you think you have cropped enough, try cropping more.  If the image has many many issues that need work, maybe you

Sports and Nature Tutorial (Jan 9 2020)

RPS member Jeff Pollitzer gave a tutorial on Sports & Nature Photography.  While not an obvious combination, they both use similar camera equipment especially if you consider active nature such as bird photography.  Light and speed play an important role as the subjects are often moving and are taken from a distance .  Understand the

Holiday Fun & a Competition Too (Dec 5 2019)

RPS enjoyed its annual pot luck holiday dinner, lots of good food for all.  We also completed the Architecture themed competition which had been postponed from an earlier date.  The judge was Nick Palmieri.  He focused on a lot of fundamentals, be careful to crop out distracting elements, make sure the image appears straight.  Don’t

Mobile Phone Photography (Nov 14 2019)

Jacki Dickert presented a interactive talk on making great photos using your cell phone.  While there are limitations, there are also tricks like using the live feature to simulate long exposure.  Be sure to tap to focus, use the scroll to lighten or darken the image and hold the phone very still while taking the