Welcome to the Raritan Photographic Society. Founded in 1929, we are New Jersey’s oldest photo club. As a member of the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs, we can enter state –wide competitions and the NJFCC’s Photorama, held in April.

Our season of lectures and digital and print competitions gives photographers of every skill level the opportunity to improve their technical and creative skills while socializing with other photographers.
Outings and workshops are planned based upon members suggestions and willingness to organize them, or, if you chose, you can suggest an activity through our Meet-Up page.

We have two social gatherings, a Holiday Dinner in December, and the End of Year Banquet in June. The June Banquet features our “Best of the Best” competition where the judge chooses the best of the year out of all the award winners from the closing season. The Best of the Best image becomes the cover image for our program for the following year.

We invite you to stop in for a meeting and speak with current members. If you like cameras, photography and camaraderie, Raritan Photographic Society may be the place for you. Check the schedule of events to see when and where we meet.

Rich Doerr - President

April Lecture – Kim Zier – URBEX Photography

November Competition Closing Date

The closing date for entries in  the November Prints Competition is changed to Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Big Foot, The Eclipse and My Cross Country Trip by Brien Szabo

Brien initially decided to deliver the lecture on American Sampler and then changed his mind to share his experience with his cross country trip. He traveled cross country with his family from New Jersey to Oregon for big foot festival and the solar eclipse. He traveled 14 states in 16 days with more than 6300

Portraits by Nat Clymer

Nat Clymer shared his experience with portraits last month. He displayed the portraits that he took of kids, high school students, health professionals, researchers and so on. He explained how developing interaction, building relationship with the subject and getting trust plays important role to get good portrait shots. He also explained how he works with

Competition Closing Date Change

Please note that we have changed the closing date for the October competitions to Thursday, October 19, 2017. We have experienced problems with the competitions in the last few months and closing on the Tuesday before the competition does not give us enough time to find and correct the problems. We will return to the

Nanci Ori Lecture Summary

It was great start to the new season with Nancy Ori as she walked us through her journey of photographing Cuba. She had categorized Cuba photography in different sections: Landscapes, Cars, Architecture and People. She was very informative with her lecture and provided lot of dos and donts for someone is traveling to Cuba. Overall,