NJFCC competition entry guidelines


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Only paid up members of the Raritan Photographic Society can submit photo's

The email has to hold at least the following information:

  1. Which NJFCC competition this photo is for.
  2. The title of the photo.
  3. Your name
  4. The photo of course.
  5. For a Nature competition you need to indicate which category the photo belongs in. See the NJFCC rules page for the categories.

You can email multiple photos in one email but you can only for one NJFCC competition and make sure you indicate which title belongs to what photo.

Also make sure you read the NJFCC rules for submitting photographs, you can read the rules on the NJFCC website. They are different from our competition rules.

As indicated on the rules page, pictures can not be longer than 1050px on the longest side and the file size can not exceed 1.5 megabytes. Currently the software used for submitting photos to the NJFCC competitions does convert the photo to the proper size but as a general rule it usually is better to do this your self. The quality is usually better when you do it yourself.

If you don't follow the above guidelines and the NJFCC rules we can't guarantee your photo will be submitted and/or accepted by the NJFCC.