Become a Member

If you aspire to a better understanding of the art and science of photography, membership in the Raritan Photographic Society (RPS) will help you reach this goal. This has been the purpose of RPS since its founding in 1929.

Whether it’s through a competition with photographers at your skill level or learning through presentations of accomplished photographers, RPS provides many ways to improve your photographic skills.

As a paid member, you’ll be eligible to enter images in our competitions. The “Best of the Best” competition at our end of the year banquet is only open to those who earned an award in the open or themed competitions during the year.

Club Dues

Annual dues are $45 for individuals and $80 for a couple. Dues may be paid by sending funds to a friend to paypal at raritanphoto dot com or at the meetings by check, credit card or cash. Credit card or checks are preferred at the meetings, and may be given to our treasurer or mailed.

All returning members are encouraged to use paypal or mail a check to the Treasurer before the September meeting. The treasurer will be sending all members an e-mail with his address.

Where do your dues go?

Dues are collected each year to defray the expenses involved in running the club. These include room rentals, lecturer fees, equipment purchases, web hosting fees, awards and ribbons, insurance and refreshments.

All of the clubs operational duties are performed by member volunteers and your help is always welcome. It is our members who make Raritan Photographic Society one of the most successful photography clubs in New Jersey.