Mar 162019

The Pinelands (Lecture Mar 14 2019)


Richard Lewis was our guest speaker on Photographing the New Jersey Pinelands.  After covering the what and where of the Pine Barrens, Richard presented a series of beautiful photographs, creatively arranged in order of time of day.  He emphasized that composition is different when the subject is a flat landscape, wider than it is tall.  Layering elements in the image take more thought in order to create foreground, middle ground, and background.  Visual flow and anchor points that direct the eye are important.  Early morning mist and fog enhance the image while flat middle of the day light can be good for B&W photos.  The Pine Barrens offers an array of subjects from wide to close up landscapes, extreme lighting, flora and fauna, and human elements.  A field trip with Richard is planned for April 6 2019.  For more on Richard's work, visit

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