Jun 142019

Summer Planning Meeting


Our Summer Planning Meeting covered many bases. We set the schedule for the coming season similar to last season with one new feature designed to get you more involved in the club. We introduced a Swap & Edit session to be held on February 13. All members are encouraged to participate. On January 23 you will bring one or more photos on a thumb drive that you have edited to your liking. The thumb drives will be put into a hat and participants will draw one to take home and edit it as they think helps the image. On February 13 we will put the before and after images up on the screen and discuss the end result. On January 9th Jeff Politzer will give a tutorial on Sports and Nature photography and on April 9th Paul Eggermann will give a tutorial on Masking and Stacking in Photoshop. All of these efforts are intended to help attract new members and keep our existing members involved in our club.

There will be two Themed Digital Competitions (Architecture and Centered). The remaining competitions will be Open.

The Officers roster was completed with Susan Powell taking over the Treasurer spot from Art Goldenberg. Thank you very much Art for your many years as the keeper of the purse! Susan will also have the job to schedule the judges for our 6 competitions (including the Banquet).

S. T. Foo and Daniel Meyers have stepped to the plate to take over Membership. They will be maintaining contact with guests and new registrants to encourage them to join and attend our meetings.


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