Nov 162019

Mounting Prints (Nov 14 2019)


RPS member Paul Eggermann gave a tutorial on mounting prints.  For competitions, using a spray adhesive to affix the print to foam core or another stiff board is quick and easy.  For gallery displays, matting is required.  Purchase your mat, paying attention to the size of the opening.  The image must be smaller than the opening but with enough white border that it doesn't fall through when mounted.  This also allows room for a signature and title at the bottom of the print (do not sign the mat).  Attach the print to the back of the top mat using poster tape at the top only so the print hangs freely.  Double sided tape can be used to join the front and back mats.  Using tape means the print can be removed and the mat reused.  Matted prints can also be used in competitions.

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