Apr 272019

Macro Photography (Tutorial Apr 25 2019)


RPS member Jeff Pollitzer gave a tutorial on macro photography, defined as 1:1 full frame image.  Think of a penny filling the frame as a guide.  There are specific, often expensive, lens for macros.  However a kit lens with extension tubes can also be used, particularly for those who just want to start exploring the world of macro photograph.  Very good quality images can be cropped to give the appearance of a macro.  Shallow depth of field can be a challenge, using a tripod and remote control can help keep.  Photo stacking may also be an option.  Lighting can also be an issue if the camera is close to the subject, try a ring light.  Changes in shutter speed can make the background lighter or darker.  Normal rules of photography still apply, watch for bright spots and distracting elements.  Note it can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder to distinguish between macro and close-up images and both are often entered in competitions.

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