Apr 132019

Basics of Lightroom (Apr 11 2019)


RPS member Dan Kirshner made a presentation on the use of Lightroom, an Adobe software product that allows organization and editing of photographs.  Lightroom is excellent for organizing, culling, cataloging and searching images.  It has a wide array of editing tools such as cropping, spot removal, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and color adjustments.  Editing can be done on the entire image or just a localized part using a brush feature.  Unlike Photoshop, all editing is non-destructive, no changes are ever made to the original image file.  There is a history of adjustments made and the final image can be printed directly from Lightroom or exported and saved separately from the original.  Lightroom is relatively easy to learn and is a good way to get started with photography software, before graduating to the more complicated editing offered by Adobe Photoshop.