Aug 032018

Summer Planning Meeting #2 – July 24, 2018


The vote was announced that we would change the schedule of lectures and competitions to make room for tutorials and critique nights designed to attract new members and improve the skills of all members. There was a lot of discussion about comments from the judges, especially their brevity when there are a lot of entries to be judged. It was decided to change the number of entries to one in each category. We will also add a cell phone category.

Paul Eggermann and Cathy Schenck were assigned the job to develop the schedule for the year. It was decided that there will be four (later changed to five) competitions and five already scheduled lecturers. The remaining three months will start with a tutorial and end with a critique night focused on the subject covered by the tutorial. See the schedule for more info.

All members are encouraged to help make the tutorial program a success, especially our very talented salon members.

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