Jun 192018

By-Laws Change


At the June 14th, 2018 planning meeting a motion was made by Paul Eggermann and seconded by Bill Petscavage and carried with one opposing.

The motion was to bring forth a vote to all paid RPS members to implement changes to our By-Laws and Rules to suspend all competitions until further notice. The motion is as follows:

RPS will suspend all competitions as defined in our By-Laws and Rules and eliminate the three classes of photographers.  We will encourage new members to participate more by teaching them how to use their equipment and software tools to create better images. There will be four themes each season which will be broad and include a photographic rule (such as the Rule of Thirds or vanishing point, or how to mat and frame a photo, etc.) These photographic basics will be explained and examples shown at the first meeting of each theme sequence. These sessions will be generally run by our member volunteers. The second meeting would then have members, anonymously submit their themed photographs to be projected and critiqued by all members. These comments will be instructional and will be illustrated by manipulation in Photoshop or Lightroom when available.  The third meeting would again include anonymous display of themed photographs that will be judged and scored by either a paid judge from outside the club or by a salon member(s).  There will be no rankings or awards given.

RPS By-Law:

Article XIII.  Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended as deemed necessary by an affirmative vote of 50% of the members voting.  Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board and e-mailed to the club and posted on the club website for review 30 days prior to being voted upon.

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