Mar 022017

Nick Palmieri Lecture Summary


Nick Palmieri delivered the lecture on "The Challenges of Landscape Photography". He started of with what is more challenging - wildlife photography v/s landscape. His view is that landscape is more challenging than wildlife photography to which most of the club members disagreed! He displayed a number of waterfall photos of Kirkjufell Mountain, Iceland - where he spent 18 hours of the day to get beautiful photographs of the waterfalls.

Talking about landscape photography, he provided key points like patience, shooting at golden hours, trying different camera settings and so on. Color, contrast, light, texture are few things that you have to watch for while taking landscape photography. You need to use your negative space more efficiently to enhance your photograph. The story you are looking to tell the viewers also matters a lot. Post processing of your images in software is imperative to enhances the photograph.

He mentioned a key point to visualize the image before setting out to photograph any particular site. Though Nick takes lot of photographs at a time, he mentioned that there are other photographers who take just one photograph after visualizing what they want to capture (And that one photograph can also be very beautiful)

One very important point that Nick mentioned was to take your photographs from the heart! That makes a picture "photograph". He has been working on his photography since his childhood and you should feel free to visit his website to check out his work.

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