Oct 152017

Competition Closing Date Change


Please note that we have changed the closing date for the October competitions to Thursday, October 19, 2017. We have experienced problems with the competitions in the last few months and closing on the Tuesday before the competition does not give us enough time to find and correct the problems. We will return to the regular closing date once we have figured out why these problems have occurred.





  3 Responses to “Competition Closing Date Change”

  1. I just logged logged on to submit a picture and discovered that the date had changed. I would like to submit/I am submitting a picture since I don’t recall getting an email about this change.

  2. I can’t even find where to upload entries onto your website!

    You know, I’ve had a bad time with this club. I went to one meeting last year–maybe Nov., and the speaker didn’t show. Your website is trying to be sophisticated but black is a terrible background color: White, lettering, or is it gray, is difficult to read against black, and blue lettering is even worse.

  3. Irene,
    I sent several emails about the change, we announced it at the last meeting and it has been on the website since October 15.

    When you login the Member Menu appears next to Contact. You will find My Digital and My Print Entries. When you select one you will be given the choice of Color or Black and White. Pick the one you wish to enter and Add your entry. Be sure the file name of the file you are submitting is a legal file name and the file is a jpg.

    Regarding the colors. They were selected by the former webmaster who has left us and I cannot find a way to change them to black on white. My attempts have been very ugly, so we will live with what we have.


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