Mar 102017

Volunteers Needed!


President Rich Doerr has issued a call for volunteers. This club is run by volunteers and some of us can no longer do everything we have been doing for many years. At this time we need people to volunteer to develop and run the two banquets we have every year.

The first is the end of season event held in June. This is where the judge picks the Best of the Best after judging all the award winners for the whole season. Advancements are also announced.
The second is the Holiday Party which is held in December and requires advanced planning to ensure an appropriate space on the date we desire.

In both cases the details include food, decorations, paper products etc.

There are plenty of other places for members old and new to volunteer. Planning and running Field Trips is one that everyone likes to go on but not many go to the trouble of developing and leading them. Barbara and Paul Eggermann have been the curators for the Raritan Bay Gallery at the Venetian Care Center since it's inception in 2014. They need people who will assume these duties and continue our successful sponsorship of the gallery. They also spearhead our annual exhibit at the Alfa Art Galley in New Brunswick and would like to see one or two of you take this coordination job on as yours.

A vibrant club needs everyone to be involved. DO IT NOW!

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