Oct 182017

Big Foot, The Eclipse and My Cross Country Trip by Brien Szabo


Brien initially decided to deliver the lecture on American Sampler and then changed his mind to share his experience with his cross country trip. He traveled cross country with his family from New Jersey to Oregon for big foot festival and the solar eclipse. He traveled 14 states in 16 days with more than 6300 miles of driving. For first couple of days he kept driving and then started taking pit stops to see various places in middle west and west. His pit stops included Medicine Bow national park, Bear lake, Twin falls, various falls in Oregon including famous Multnomah falls, Yellowstone national park and so on. Not to mention but Big foot festival and total solar eclipse were the most important pit stops in his trip. Photography was not the only aim of the trip but he got some good shots. It was a very knowledgeable lecture if one plans for a cross country drive.

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