Jun 162016

Summer Planning Meetings


The second planning meeting was held on June 23rd. The primary work was assignment of Chairs. Check them out if you think you might be counted on to serve again this season.

The first Summer Planning Meeting on June 16, 2016 was well attended and productive. We voted to revise the resolution rules for all digital entries, selected three themes for digital competitions and set the dates for all competitions for the coming season. The meeting format will change so that refreshments are available from 7:00 to 7:30PM with the meeting starting at 7:30PM sharp. You are encouraged to engage with visitors and potential new members to welcome them to RPS and offer any assistance/advice they may need to help them become members in our club. The competitions and lectures will no longer be interrupted and run straight to the end.  The next meeting will address some ideas on how to engage prospective new members and make RPS a resource they can come to rely on and enjoy.



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