Mar 062016

Photographing your pet


I've been photographing our pets for years, mostly because they are willing subjects when I bought some new gear. Over the years I got better at photographing them, not that I would put myself in the same category as Andrew Darlow but in general they look good.

I'm sure there will be people who frown upon photographing your pet but photographing your pets doesn't just make you a better photographer in general, you'll learn about composition, shutter speed, depth of field etc, but it can also be a blessing at some point.

Recently our dog Zoey passed away, we've had her for 10+ years, and we wanted to have something in memory of her. We found somebody who makes shadow boxes in memory of your pet and one of things she asked for was photos of Zoey. I was happy I took so many photographs of her over the years and had an array of photos to pick from.

I have read dozens of articles on pet photography over the years and recently Jason Chekla wrote an article on his blog with 5 tips on photographing your pet which is pretty good. These are the tips he gives on his website.

  • Know Your Pet
  • Get On Your Pet's Level
  • Use the Right Lighting and Settings
  • Be Patient
  • Get Creative and Have Fun

You can read the full article on Jason's site where he talks in detail about the 5 tips. The article is full of photos he took of several furry friends.

If you want to read more about pet photography consider these books on Amazon:

Peter van der Does

This is Zoey in the last few days of her life, taken with an iPhone.


Credit: Peter van der Does

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