Feb 162016

Martin Bluhm Lecture 2016 recap


Lecture recap

On February 11, 2006, Martin Bluhm gave a great presentation about Black & White photography.

He talked about shooting black & white on film, and why film sometimes gives a better result than digital; the difference between shooting black & white in camera versus converting the color image on your computer when shooting digitally; shooting infrared, not all lenses are capable of shooting infrared and why sometimes shooting with infrared gives a more impressive black & white result.

Recommended Books

Below is a list of books recommended by Martin to get started shooting in black & white.

Recommended companies for infrared conversion

If you want to convert a camera to shoot infrared, check out the following companies:

Photos by Martin Bluhm

To see more of Martin's work, visit his website at: http://www.martinbluhm.com

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