Sep 272015

Winners of the September 2015 competition


The September 2015 digital competition with tan open theme, was judged by Alan Kesselhaut and from the 74 entries he selected the following winners.




You can find a full list of all photos that received an award on the monthly winners for September 2015 page, and to see all entries for the competition take a look at the monthly entries for September 2015 page.

Alan is the founder of "Princeton Photo Workshop". He began his exploration of digital photography more than a decade ago with a degree in graphic arts and as the former owner of a graphic arts company. He is known for his expertise in using high dynamic range (HDR) techniques, he was invited to teach an HDR class in Berlin, Germany, and as a skilled teacher of the basics of composition, design and photo processing. He has taught at B&H Photo New York, Calumet Photo in Philadelphia, Sedona, AZ and Unique Photo in New Jersey and other locations. Alan has lectured at numerous camera clubs and meet-up groups. With Princeton Photo Workshop he conducts photowalks, classes and workshops on a range of subjects including “An Introduction To HDR Photography”, Composition, Adobe Lightroom and Layers in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

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