Dec 122014

Holiday Party 2014


On Thursday we had our annual Holiday Party and like previous years it was a big success.

We started out gathering around the appetizer buffet with a nice selection of foods to choose from and slowly everybody found their seat. After a few words from our host, Karen Goldenberg, and a group rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Dan Kirshner, we all got in line for the entrees. The variety of entrees made our members was amazing, from noodle bake to quiche to a Peruvian dish called, Chicken Causa, each and every one was delicious.

After the main course it was time for the gifts and dessert. As it was Dan's birthday he was given first pick of the wrapped presents and he picked a good one, a Black Rapid camera strap, there were some great gifts this evening.

Below are some shots of the evening, shot by Art Goldenberg.

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