Jul 062013

Summer meeting 2013 #2 Recap


Last week we had our 2nd summer meeting of the season and we finished up the loose ends for the upcoming season. Even though we planned for one, there will be no 3rd summer meeting.

Theme selection

After voting for the themes these are the results.

Survey Result

Subject Percentage
Long exposure 51.85%
Textures 44.44%
Action 44.44%
Standing out from the crowd 40.74%
Details 37.04%
Chill 33.33%
Negative space 29.63%
Zen photography 25.93%
Portraits 25.93%
Everyday objects 25.93%
Food 22.22%
Silhouettes 18.52%


As you see there was no extra voting needed during the meeting to determine which of the themes would make it into this season

Social media presence

We have a presence on Facebook, Google+, Meetup and Twitter. We prohibited the following information from being shared on these sites:

  • Personal information of our members without consent.
  • Photo's submitted to the competitions without consent.

What we will share:

  • Links to posting on our website
  • Events we organize, this includes the competition meetings, lecture meetings, field trips and workshops.

Both these lists are not final yet and are subject to change. Launch of the Meetup group is planned for August 2013.

Starting times of the meetings

The regular meetings, competition and lectures, will have new starting times.There is no difference anymore between the starting times for competition digital, competition print and.or lecture meetings. The doors will open at 7:00PM and the meeting will start promptly at 7:30PM. For the print competition you will have to bring your prints in before 7:20PM


We increased the dues for couples by $5.00

  • Single person: $45.00
  • Couples: $80.00

Workshops and Lectures

  • Workshops and lectures will be open to the public unless otherwise noted.
  • People who are not a paying member of the club will have to pay $5.00 to attend the regular lecture meetings.
  • Workshops and field trips where we have to charge any amount are not refundable.


We will be looking into the ability to add the option to pay through credit card for the dues or any other payment. The options for cash and check will still be available.


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