Jun 232013

Summer meeting 2013 #1 Recap


We had a good first summer meeting, with good discussions and great ideas. Here's an overview of what was discussed.

Theme selection

We have to select 4 themes for the competition.
Of all the entries you have sent me, we've narrowed down the selection to 12. We would like your input on which of these 12 will be the final 4.
You can vote for your 4 favorites of 12 themes on this website

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Voting will close on Friday June 28 at 5:00PM EST

Critique night

Our first meeting of the upcoming season will be a critique night.
We are in need of three members, who are willing and capable, of giving critique.

If you are interested send an email and we'll let you know if you have been selected.

Starting time of the meetings

We are pondering about the starting time of the meetings. As of lately the starting time seemed to be 8:00PM and some people have informed they rather see an earlier starting time.

I created another survey for this:

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So let us know what the earliest starting time is that you would be able to attend.

Now remember, this is only for the regular competition and lecture meetings. Another benefit of an earlier starting time is that the lecture and judging will end sooner, giving us time for some social interaction with each other, or just to go home and be home at a reasonable time.

Members night

This upcoming season we're planning to have a members night again.

Members night means, that a member of the club will do a presentation related to photography.

Some ideas of what you could present:

  • Show some of your pictures and give a back story about them.
  • Show how you edit your photos.
  • Show a certain technique you have learned, such as light painting, photographing water drops. Take the time restrain in consideration, if it exceeds think about giving a workshop.
  • Ask the audience about how you could improve some of your pictures. This is kind of like critique night but you'll get a more personal approach.

The presentation should not be longer than 20 minutes, that way we can have 4 people per night.
If we get more than 4 people who want to do a presentation we'll replace the lecture meeting in April with another members night.


We're planning to have several workshops.

We're looking into workshops given by 3rd parties but we if you think you can do a workshop don't hesitate to volunteer, Paul Eggerman already
offered to do a workshop on Lightroom 5.

Workshops can be about a technique, a certain shooting style or, like Paul, about post-processing.

If you just have an idea for a workshop let us know as well and we'll see if we can do this.


You can send all your suggestions on the above topics to Peter van der Does

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