Sep 132013

Start of the 2013-2014 season


On Thursday night the 2013-2014 season officially started with a critique meeting where three of our members critiqued photos of other Raritan Photographic Society members and I would like to elaborate on this upcoming season.

The focus of the season is “Improve & Grow”.

We would like to see you as a member of the Raritan Photographic Society improve and grow as a photographer, whether it's taking better photos, post processing of your photos or how you organize your photos, we would like to help you become a better photographer.

Besides our regular lectures and competition nights, which are great ways to learn, we're looking into organizing workshops, field trips and extra lectures, we're looking into workshops for using Lightroom, field trips to some amazing places in New Jersey and lectures by some outstanding photographers about all sorts of subjects.
Send us a suggestion for a workshop or field trip and the committee in charge will take a look and see if we can make it happen. You can send your suggestions by using the contact form which we have on this site. If you are unsure who to send the message to, send it to the president.

If you have any photographic questions feel free to ask in one of our members-only communities on-line, either our Facebook group or Google+ community and members of the Raritan Photographic Society will jump in and try to answer your questions.

Become a member by attending one of our regular meetings and sign up with our treasurer.

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