May 052013

c’t Digital Photography


If you left Thursday’s meeting with an issue of this magazine/DVD, please try to return it at the next meeting so others get a chance to review it and download any software they may be interested in.

There were multiple copies of four issues. (#4, #8, #9, #10) Keep ‘em circulating. Unfortunately, there were not quite enough issues to go around.

c’t Digital Photography is issued quarterly for $49.95.

The Product Manager, offered our RPS group a free 5th issue to members who subscribe during April. For that extra issue, when ordering online, follow these instructions:

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If enough people subscribe, (don’t know the number), these folks will donate additional products for a club raffle. I thought that might be a fun perk to include during our upcoming banquet. This company also has a publishing arm, Rocky Nook, which produces a lot of digital photography books (which seem like great raffle items to me!)

Below is the link to c’t Digital Photography

Finally, a well written technical journal for digital photographers! If enough enough of you agree, we’re in the queue to get more free stuff.

Regards, John

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