May 242013

Competition theme suggestions


Last night was our last themed competition meeting of this season but already it's time to ponder about themes for next season.
If you have a theme in mind for a competition let us know, We'll collect them all and setup a way where you all can vote for the themes you like to see next season.

We're looking for themes that will spark creativity or get people out of their comfort zone.

We have a few rules for the themes:

  • Each theme needs to have a small explanation.
  • Be creative, for example a theme called Cars, a description like "Photos of cars" will not make the cut, but "Photograph a detail of a car, like the rims, tail light" will.
  • We won't allow themes we did this or previous season. Older themes are eligible.
  • Themes can subject and/or technical oriented.
  • A subject oriented theme could be "Wildlife", technical oriented could be "Shallow depth of field".
  • Themes need to be family friendly.

We'll stop accepting submissions by May 31, 2013.

Send your theme suggestions directly to me

In case we receive duplicate submissions we will, if possible, merge the two descriptions together or at our discretion pick one of the explanations.

I'm also looking for a person who is willing to help me go through the first batch of submissions and see if they confirm with the rules stated above. If necessary we would rewrite the explanation of the themes.
We can do this by email and/or phone.Send me an email if you like to do this.

We're looking forward to what you guys can come up with.

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