12/7/2019 Private Shoot at Moravian Tile Works


Join us for an hour and a half for a private photography shoot at
Moravian Tile Works!

Date: Saturday December 7th

Time: 9:00 am to 10:30* in the large main room and access to the other
locations in the tile works building.

Cost: $10 per person

RSVP: Yes by December 6th

Limit: 12 people

Bathroom: Yes

Place to sit: Yes

Tripods are allowed and needed as it is a low light situation. Don't
forget a wide angle lens and lens for detail shots.  I included a link
to the Moravian Tile Works so you can get an idea of what the place
holds. Down the pathway is Font Hill Castle which is a great subject to
shoot and visit.  They wouldn't be doing photography tours till 2020

*They will let us in at 9:00 we will have exclusive use of the large
room till 10:30.  We can stay in the building as long as we please but
we can't impede other guests.  They have a gift shop there as well which
could inspire unique Hanukkah, Christmas and birthday gifts.